agriKomp offers you customised energy concepts for CHP applications. We develop optimised CHP units with modern engine technology from renowned manufacturers.


BiomethanE CHP

Made by agrikomp

For renewable natural gas (RNG) or natural gas

With the CHP series 136, which has been in production since 2016, we serve an extremely important and in- demand performance range. CHP units of type NGA 136 are suitable for mediumsized applications and are ideal for flexible and biomethane / natural gas operation in double or even multiple versions.

Combined heat and power units

Made by agrikomp

Efficient. Reliable. Flexible.

Our CHP units are characterised by their robustness and reliability. This results in low maintenance costs that are unparalleled in the industry.

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Our entire product portfolio:

BGA 086

55 KWel – 80 KWel

The robust and reliable biogas unit series 086 (BGA 086) for the small power range has been a proven and popular agriKomp development since 2014. In the capacity class from 55 kWel up to 80 kWel, the combined heat and power unit is an ideal solution for small-scale farm-based biogas plants. Small farms benefit from a long CHP operating period, a stable running performance and a high availability of spare parts.

BGA 086

BGA 095

80 KWel – 150 KWel

Our CHP series BGA 095 is optimized for best possible performance and availability. The BGA 095 is a frequently chosen CHP unit in the smaller power range and a good addition for the expansion of a biogas plant.



150 KWel – 265 KWel

With the CHP series 136, first manufactured in 2016, we serve an essential and popular power range. Our proven BGA 136 received an efficiency update.

The new “ETA” version with up to 43 % efficiency will be
available from 2022. CHP units of the BGA 136 type are suitable for medium-sized farms and are ideal for flexible operation in double or even multiple units.


BGA 222

300 KWel – 350 KWel

We introduced the large, stable and reliable 222 biogas genset series to the market in 2008. Since then, the strong and powerful series has been appreciated by our customers and is often installed in the power class up to 350 kWel. The CHP units have established and proven themselves not only in Germany, but also internationally with large agricultural businesses. They are extremely efficient and are also extremely easy to maintain.


BGA 252

Up to 530 KWel

The powerful unit from our portfolio impresses with its
stable and robust design. Due to its space-saving MAN
12-cylinder V-engine and high availability, it is a frequently chosen CHP unit in the medium output range.


Performance ranges of our aggregates

BGA 086
55 – 80 kWel
BGA 095
80 – 150 kWel
150 – 265 kWel
BGA 222
265 – 320 kWel
BGA 252
320 – 530 kWel

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