agriKomp meilensteine

Company History

1991 Act on the Sale of Electricity to the Grid
2000 Renewable Energy Sources Act
Founding of the agriKomp Company in Weidenbach (Bavaria)
2001 First biogas plant in Germany
2002 Paddelgigant® is introduced to the market and Biolene®
2003 Vielfraß® is introduced to the market
2004 Foundation of agriKomp West
2005 First biogas plant in Kenya; In-house biogas laboratory equipped
2006 100th biogas plant built
Foundations of
agriKomp Bohemia (Czech Republic);
agriKomp France (France);
agriKomp Süd
2007 Quetschprofi® is introduced to the market
2008 Innovation: Introduction to the market Güllewerk® at the Eurotier
2009 First Güllewerk® in operation agriKomp receives Innovation Award from Middle Franconia
2010 Foundations of
agriKomp Slovakia (Slovakia)
agriKomp Polska (Poland)
agriKomp UK (Great Britain)
2011 Foundation of agriKomp CSS (Canada);
Innovation: Octaform® is introduced to the market;
Best Company in renewable energies 6th place (dlg)
2012 Commissioning of first compact slurry plant
2013 First biogas plant in Canada
Participation in the SCHNELL Motoren AG
Benchmark Best Company in renewable energies; 3rd place (dlg)
2014 Introduction agriSelect
2015 Introduction of the gas upgrading system agriPure®
2016 Introduction of the digested treatment system agriFer®