trenntechnik quetschprofi plus

Quetschprofi® Plus

– Be smart and profit through clever separation!

Efficient digestate processing

Quetschprofi® Plus,the new innovative separation equipment from agriKomp, allows digestate to be processed efficiently to a desired dry matter content of more than 30 percent. The new V2A stainless steel housing guarantees the versatile applications, e.g. in biogas plants, organic waste facilities, industrial factories and sewage treatment plants.

The augmented drainage area (screen) enables much higher throughput rates (m3/h input). The precise and low tolerance between the screen and the ceramic screw allows the Quetschprofi® Plus to achieve a higher separation grade. Reinforced with ceramics, the new screw is even more durable for a maximum service life.

icon pdf file Quetschprofi® Plus - the Biogas component: Separator