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Merkendorf, October 2014


The Merkendorf site passed examination for ISO 9001:2008 certification

Merkendorf. The manufacturer of biogas plants agriKomp was successfully awarded with the DIN ISO-9001 certificate. The Franconian company is rewarded for its high quality standards and feels well prepared for developing further its competitive advantage in Germany and on an international scale.

As a renewable energies company that has been active from the very start of this branch of industry, agriKomp tackled the way in sprint from a two-man business more than twenty years ago to the medium-sized international company with ca. 500 employees today.

Robert Bugar: "We would not have been able to master our fast growth so well had we not started to put things on the right track early considering the political framework conditions. Among other things, we established processes and introduced standards to have the necessary space for action for our actual core competence, i.e. the sale of new plants and service of existing plants." An important milestone on our finishing line is the successful ISO certification now, here at Merkendorf.

The frosty wind that has been blowing in Germany, in particular against the biogas branch, both manufacturers and operators alike, for more than two years now caused the ruin of some companies. agriKomp had to make adaptions too to still be able to decide its course freely itself. The company that rests on solid fully equity-financed feet strives to stay a strong and reliable partner of its customers also in the future. The best prerequisites exist for that: Innovative products with a high quality standard regarding technology and service and continuous further development

Biogas plants have been built by the Merkendorf company for more than 20 years. The certification has been utilised to have existing processes scrutinized by independent third parties and to start optimisation measures wherever necessary.

Considering the good result the company management and employees know that they are still on the right track - to be a reliable partner for their customers also in the future.


agriKomp Press agriSelect

Merkendorf, October 2014


75 kWel for slurry and solids

Merkendorf: "Elaborate and reduced to the essentials" is the motto of the new small biogas plant configuration "agriSelect" which agriKomp, the Franconian manufacturer of biogas plants, presented at the EuroTier 2014 exhibition for the first time. Customers can choose between two different basic plants plus a wide range of optional services.
The result: a biogas plant tailored to the needs of the farmer.

The small biogas plant is designed for an electrical output of 75 kWel. and can be operated with 100 % slurry, 100 % solid manure, with both slurry and solid manure and additionally with renewable resources in the 80/20 solution.

It was exactly six years ago that agriKomp first presented "Güllewerk", a slurry facility in compact design, at the EuroTier 2008. This was at a time when small slurry facilities were on equal footing with large renewable resources plants in the German Renewable Energy Act. "At the time, we wanted to enable livestock farmers to earn money with biogas production even if they did not have any areas to grow energy crops," Robert Bugar, co-founder and managing director of agriKomp GmbH explains.

His keen sense combined with continuous development efforts are paying off today, especially for agriKomp customers. Today the Merkendorf-based company offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. And this is more important than ever before as it enables the company to respond to changing market conditions with confidence.

agriSelect is agriKomp's new slurry facility in the 75 kWel range.

"Select" in this context stands for carefully selected components along with a variety of selection options for customers. The system provides two basic facilities with a digester diameter of 13 or 16 metres, respectively, equipped with proved and tested agriKomp brand technology: digester constructed in Octaform® design, Biolene® gas storage, CHPS container with 75 kWel. combined heat and power station, technical container with standard plant technology and control as well as submersible motor-driven agitator.

Customers can choose from a wide range of optional packages to configure their own customised small biogas plant. Many packages can also be contributed by the customers themselves.

agriSelect runs on 100 % slurry, but it can also be operated with solid matter and even with 100 % solid manure when retrofitted with the Vielfrass® solids feeding system and the Paddelgigant® paddle agitator. As a further option, the system can be operated with energy crops as a so-called 80/20 solution to comply with dwell times by covering the digestate storage tank.

"Our priority is to create awareness that livestock farmers in particular value a solid and efficient technology, reliable service and a high level of automation in biogas production", says Bernhard Wolf, Sales Manager of agriKomp and biogas plant operator himself. Solid manure places high demands on technology – and time is a valuable resource in livestock farming! A biogas plant in livestock farming will only pay off if it runs smoothly alongside the main operation and is thus economical."

With agriSelect agriKomp has developed a biogas plant concept for livestock farmers that is consistent with the new German Renewable Energy Act and is also highly profitable. Moreover, the concept takes into account the limited investment capabilities and time budgets of livestock farmers. The development is based on the selective use of proved and tested agriKomp brand components and a high level of plant automation. Furthermore, a variety of options allows the plant to be equipped for stand-alone operation.

A specialist in biogas plants, the Merkendorf-based agriKomp has made its portfolio of small plants more flexible by adding "agriSelect", which is an asset for operators and is consistent with the new German Renewable Energy Act 2014. The proved and tested "Güllekompakt" plant concept was incorporated into the new agriSelect portfolio as a basic component.

agriSelect is available from a basic price of € 275,000 (VAT not included).

Arrange for a meeting with one of our sales engineers already today.

corporate design agriKomp

The first impression counts:

The new corporate design is being established step by step.

It is an eye-catcher: agriKomp's new corporate design. Our new corporate design (CD) became highly visible for the first time at the conference of the German Biogas association in Bremen in January 2015. Our stand reflected the new corporate design in visual and haptic terms: warm colours and wood communicated closeness to our customers ... In the meantime, all brochures have been revised and our website is in progress. The main focus is on our category labels. Colour codes allow the divisions to be recognised easily.

What does corporate design mean? The corporate design describes the consistent image of a company and the corporate identity and presentation thus communicated. Sounds theoretical? A lot depends on the consistent presentation of our company: A corporate design should be easily memorable and it has to reflect the corporate philosophy and business model. One goal is to be recognised and to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

But why do we need a new corporate design in the first place? Our company has grown substantially in the last years and our products and services have developed over time. The same is true for our markets. Globalisation plays an increasingly important role. To meet these challenges, we are working on our new corporate design.

Corporate design isn't a magic word. Based on the design, the appearance of our website and brochures you, our customer, form a first opinion of us. This is one of the major functions of corporate design. This perception is crucial, for example, in customer relations. And the old proverb still holds true: The first impression counts – our new corporate design, which we are presently implementing throughout our media, will help us achieve this goal.


Stoneleigh Park, June 2015
UK AD & Biogas 2015:

agriKomp on Growth Course in the U.K.

Innovative biogas plant concepts and gas treatment procedures for the U.K. market

Birmingham, July 1, 2015. Compact small biogas plants for the utilisation of agricultural residue in Great Britain, an innovative gas treatment procedure with a high methane yield for compact biogas plants and proved plant concepts and components – agriKomp Ltd. will present a versatile product portfolio on the trade fair UK AD & Biogas 2015 in Birmingham NEC on July 1 to 2, 2015.

UK AD & Biogas 2015 is THE fair for biogas treatment in Great Britain. The plant manufacturer agriKomp Ltd. will present its compact biogas plant concepts at its stand A 103. The small biogas plants are characterised by their compact design. With the modular small power package "agriSelect", agriKomp presents a biogas plant for the 75 kW to 200 kW market. agriKomp is providing livestock farmers in Great Britain with a new business model, with a pathway to distributed power and heat generation. The compact plant that has been developed and successfully placed on the German market by the parent company, agriKomp GmbH, reflecting experience gathered in the construction of biogas plants over 15 years. The focus lies, amongst other things, on high-quality components, durability and availability. An optimised price-performance ratio makes it particularly interesting for livestock farmers in the UK. With a specifically developed gas engine, a high number of optional packages and the option of contributing shares of work this biogas plant will also set new standards on the UK market.

U.K. as a growth market

Having constructed more than 800 biogas plants worldwide, agriKomp is one of the leading biogas plant manufacturers. In particular, since the introduction of the German Renewable Energy Act 2014, foreign markets have become more and more important for German biogas companies. According to the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ADBA) two biogas plants would have to be installed every week in the next ten years to be able to reach the target of generating at least 15 % energy from renewable energy sources by 2020. agriKomp recognised the opportunities of the British market early and has already established its own subsidiary in England. "The foundation of a British subsidiary was expectably the logical consequence of the present positive development of our business in Great Britain", says Lutz von Stengel, member of the management. agriKomp UK Ltd, domiciled in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, maintains from its site a comprehensive service network that has been built up over many years. agriKomp UK has installed 18 biogas plants to date and is currently one of the market leaders in the UK.

99 % methane yield from small biogas plants

As well as the presentation of innovative small biogas plants and their components, the innovative gas treatment technology for compact biogas plants is the focus of the presentation at the trade fair. agriKomp will present a new gas treatment procedure in cooperation with renowned partners, such as FRIEDRICH VORWERK KG, a long-established company with more than 50 years of experience in pipeline and plant construction in the energy sector. The procedure presented by agriKomp on the UK AD & Biogas uses the separating properties of membranes. The gas that is obtained through the membrane modules need not be compressed anymore for feeding which, among other things, reduces costs and makes the use of chemicals unnecessary. "In contrast to the conventional gas treatment plants that can be operated economically only from a raw biogas amount of clearly higher than 500 standard cubic metres per hour, our gas treatment procedure is suitable in particular for compact small plants for the British market", Lutz von Stengel is convinced.

agriKomp attaches great importance to being "the one-stop" provider in biogas solutions. The German manufacturer of biogas plants is one of the global players in biogas technology today. agriKomp has built 800 biogas plants on an international scale to date. The company has a workforce of some 500 employees worldwide. As well as the headquarters in Merkendorf, agriKomp has sites thoughout Germany. Founded in 2000, the company operates worldwide with business activities in the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Slovakia, Canada and recently also China.

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