Biomasseheizkraft Triesdorf

By conviction Renewable energy

- energy, as it is needed

"Good energy" is in abundance!

Whether it be phosphorous, fuels and heating oil - it is not only the agricultural industry that is feeling the effects of the lack of raw materials. That is why the targeted use of non-renewable resources, and especially the sustainability of our environment is today decisive for the quality of life for future generations. Renewable energy sources are simply inexhaustible - we only have to use them!

Renewable Energy Law – a success story!

Made in Germany. In the early 1990's, the first framework conditions were created in Germany in order to promote the development of renewable energy systems. The introduction of the Erneuerbaren Energien Gesetz (EEG - Renewable Energies Act) in 2000 allowed the development of the highly modernised "Renewable Energy" Industry. Today, approx. 40% of the German electricity consumption is already being produced from renewable energy sources.

Profit with our values!

We at agriKomp have been developing groundbreaking biogas systems since the middle of the 1990's. Up to now we have implemented with our customers more than 950 biogas plants with a total installed capacity of around 300 MWel. It was, and is still today our goal to make it possible for agricultural businesses to enter the energy market, quickly and with minimum outlay.

Give your business the best perspectives – with "good" renewable energy!

Energy generation from biogas - all in all the best result for you. You don't only profit from the regional incentive schemes. By exploiting your own farm liquid and solid manure you are improving your nutrient balance. By fulfilling statutory emission requirements, you are ensuring an improved CO2-balance. The use of valuable heat and the marketing of electricity provides your business with further liquidity.


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