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High-ranking visitors from Japan

Committee on Economic and Industrial Affairs of the Japanese Parliament visits Merkendorf.

Merkendorf, July 2018. Important visitors from Japan! Yesterday agriKomp GmbH welcomed the Japanese Consul General Tetsuya Kimura, Consul Hidehiko Kaneko and the Committee for Economy and Industry of the Japanese Parliament under the leadership of Inatsu Hisashi to the company premises in Merkendorf.

The members of the House of Commons and senior civil servants informed themselves about biogas in Germany and especially in the region and what positive effects this has. Uwe Döbler from the agriKomp management, Gernot Buchta (marketing) and Philipp Heining (product management) spoke about climate protection, energy recovery from manure and slurry, jobs created, strengthening the rural region and regional value creation.

The delegation will visit Europe to learn about energy policy and the energy transition with renewable energy. The delegates were particularly interested in the cooperation between municipalities and medium-sized companies in this context. For this reason, Merkendorf, which already produces more than twice the energy it needs itself in a renewable way, was chosen as a successful example for the visit. Following the factory tour at agriKomp, Merkendorfs´ mayor Hans Popp received the delegation to report on the Merkendorf Energy Forum.

Background knowledge:

Currently, the 9,000 biogas plants in Germany already produce 4 nuclear power plants and supply almost 10 million households with 4,550 MWel (2017) of green electricity. They generate almost EUR 10 billion in value added in rural regions and provide 46,000 jobs.


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