corporate design agriKomp

The first impression counts:

The new corporate design is being established step by step.

It is an eye-catcher: agriKomp's new corporate design. Our new corporate design (CD) became highly visible for the first time at the conference of the German Biogas association in Bremen in January 2015. Our stand reflected the new corporate design in visual and haptic terms: warm colours and wood communicated closeness to our customers ... In the meantime, all brochures have been revised and our website is in progress. The main focus is on our category labels. Colour codes allow the divisions to be recognised easily.

What does corporate design mean? The corporate design describes the consistent image of a company and the corporate identity and presentation thus communicated. Sounds theoretical? A lot depends on the consistent presentation of our company: A corporate design should be easily memorable and it has to reflect the corporate philosophy and business model. One goal is to be recognised and to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

But why do we need a new corporate design in the first place? Our company has grown substantially in the last years and our products and services have developed over time. The same is true for our markets. Globalisation plays an increasingly important role. To meet these challenges, we are working on our new corporate design.

Corporate design isn't a magic word. Based on the design, the appearance of our website and brochures you, our customer, form a first opinion of us. This is one of the major functions of corporate design. This perception is crucial, for example, in customer relations. And the old proverb still holds true: The first impression counts – our new corporate design, which we are presently implementing throughout our media, will help us achieve this goal.