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Merkendorf, October 2014


75 kWel for slurry and solids

Merkendorf: "Elaborate and reduced to the essentials" is the motto of the new small biogas plant configuration "agriSelect" which agriKomp, the Franconian manufacturer of biogas plants, presented at the EuroTier 2014 exhibition for the first time. Customers can choose between two different basic plants plus a wide range of optional services.
The result: a biogas plant tailored to the needs of the farmer.

The small biogas plant is designed for an electrical output of 75 kWel. and can be operated with 100 % slurry, 100 % solid manure, with both slurry and solid manure and additionally with renewable resources in the 80/20 solution.

It was exactly six years ago that agriKomp first presented "Güllewerk", a slurry facility in compact design, at the EuroTier 2008. This was at a time when small slurry facilities were on equal footing with large renewable resources plants in the German Renewable Energy Act. "At the time, we wanted to enable livestock farmers to earn money with biogas production even if they did not have any areas to grow energy crops," Robert Bugar, co-founder and managing director of agriKomp GmbH explains.

His keen sense combined with continuous development efforts are paying off today, especially for agriKomp customers. Today the Merkendorf-based company offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. And this is more important than ever before as it enables the company to respond to changing market conditions with confidence.

agriSelect is agriKomp's new slurry facility in the 75 kWel range.

"Select" in this context stands for carefully selected components along with a variety of selection options for customers. The system provides two basic facilities with a digester diameter of 13 or 16 metres, respectively, equipped with proved and tested agriKomp brand technology: digester constructed in Octaform® design, Biolene® gas storage, CHPS container with 75 kWel. combined heat and power station, technical container with standard plant technology and control as well as submersible motor-driven agitator.

Customers can choose from a wide range of optional packages to configure their own customised small biogas plant. Many packages can also be contributed by the customers themselves.

agriSelect runs on 100 % slurry, but it can also be operated with solid matter and even with 100 % solid manure when retrofitted with the Vielfrass® solids feeding system and the Paddelgigant® paddle agitator. As a further option, the system can be operated with energy crops as a so-called 80/20 solution to comply with dwell times by covering the digestate storage tank.

"Our priority is to create awareness that livestock farmers in particular value a solid and efficient technology, reliable service and a high level of automation in biogas production", says Bernhard Wolf, Sales Manager of agriKomp and biogas plant operator himself. Solid manure places high demands on technology – and time is a valuable resource in livestock farming! A biogas plant in livestock farming will only pay off if it runs smoothly alongside the main operation and is thus economical."

With agriSelect agriKomp has developed a biogas plant concept for livestock farmers that is consistent with the new German Renewable Energy Act and is also highly profitable. Moreover, the concept takes into account the limited investment capabilities and time budgets of livestock farmers. The development is based on the selective use of proved and tested agriKomp brand components and a high level of plant automation. Furthermore, a variety of options allows the plant to be equipped for stand-alone operation.

A specialist in biogas plants, the Merkendorf-based agriKomp has made its portfolio of small plants more flexible by adding "agriSelect", which is an asset for operators and is consistent with the new German Renewable Energy Act 2014. The proved and tested "Güllekompakt" plant concept was incorporated into the new agriSelect portfolio as a basic component.

agriSelect is available from a basic price of € 275,000 (VAT not included).

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