Sophisticated plant systems

for successful businesses

So many variants
– this fits your requirements really well!

The result of more than 15 years of experience and
development in biogas plant manufacture: a large and
multifaceted portfolio of components and plants. Whether
it be slurry, manure, agricultural residues, grass or silage
– robust engineering and a wide spectrum of components
and plant systems gives you a free hand, and not only for feeding.

This plant system suits
– your business!

Our consultants are experienced practitioners and know
their business. They will determine with you the optimal
plant configuration for your business. The various
operational circumstances and parameters, such as
planted areas, input substances, business planning and
the amount of time you would like to invest in the plant are
also taken into account when planning your biogas plant.

Such high Standards
– so that you can be really sure!

A high standard level, ISO 9001:2008 certification and the
"CE" Label are our benchmarks for quality and safety. It is
not only a question of fulfilling important safety guidelines
and legal requirements. Identical plants and components
allow the highest quality of materials and outfitting.
This ensures a long-term reliable supply with suitable
spare parts and a complete service.

Our plants
- for livestock owners!

Profit from unused potential. The use of solid
and liquid farm manure makes the operation
of a biogas plant profitable for you in any
event. Biogas plant systems represent a good possibility
of supporting the fulfilment of the legal
requirements for emissions. Should stall construction
measures be required, it is advisable
to bring biogas into the concept. This often
results in a significantly more profitable and
future-proof solution with less extra outlay.