Biogas technology: we know what we´re talking about.

Specialists - from start to finish.

Highly innovative – out of conviction

The holistic and visionary thinking of the company founders, Robert Bugar and Michael Engelhardt decisively characterise the development of the business to the present day. agriKomp’s name stands not only for efficient biogas technology and reliable service, but also for innovation, conviction and a great deal of entrepreneurial courage: ground-breaking systems, such as the first mobile biogas plant, the Güllewerk®, or the Paddelgigant® agitator are just a few examples of brilliant engineering from the agriKomp R&D department.

Continuity – the best biogas technology

All the essential components of the biogas plant are developed and manufactured within the agriKomp group of companies. This guarantees absolute reliability and continuous excellent quality. Key components, such as the flexible gas store (Biolene®), the paddle agitator (Paddelgigant®) and the robust feeding technology (Vielfraß®) have set international standards with respect to stability, reliability and energy efficiency.

Reliable – one source engineering

It only takes a few weeks to build a biogas plant, our service partnership lasts for decades. This is what a biogas plant manufacturer should be able to offer in all events. Essential parameters which decide long-term the profitability of your plant are stable technology, reliable service and, above all, continuous further development. We are always researching and developing, so that you remain ahead in the future. Therefore, expect the best from us – in every sector!

„If you wish to stay ahead you must be innovative, have reliable and efficient products in your portfolio and also provide a secure service. This requires dedicated people and solid engineering“, says Robert Bugar.