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Electricity as we need it:

safe, storable, flexible!

Biogas is capable of storing energy

Power from biogas can be produced and fed into the grid when it is needed. The flexible power generation and the ability to store energy are unique features of biogas in the mix of renewable energies. Biogas is thus an excellent way to supplement the volatile solar and wind energy. Together the three renewables are a powerful team!

Biogas – an excellent provider of system services!

There are long- and medium-term variations in supply and demand, for example, demand for electricity is high in the evening and low during the night or when wind and sun are producing too much or too little electricity. Flexible electric power from biogas is capable of compensating for temporary variations.

Electric power from biogas is flexible at any time

By making your biogas plant flexible, you are taking on the key role of a system service provider when supplying people with regenerative energy. This means that your power generation facility has to be able to respond flexibly to demand and the varying electricity production through wind and sun.

Flexibility makes biogas so valuable

This special features is also specially remunerated! Flexible biogas plants in operating reserve yield significant extra earnings for this system service. We from agriKomp have expert knowledge in flexible biogas production and provide the suitable products and services. Our competent specialists will support you on your way to the operating reserve. In our so-called "virtual power plant", we interconnect different biogas plants to form one large generation unit and market your electricity through our partner and market leader in this field: energy2market.