agriKomp Dienstleistungen

Excellent Biogas service

- comprehensive and thorough!

One-stop service
– you can rely upon!

Assuming a biogas plant-life of 20 years minimum, it becomes clear how significant a reliable service partner is for the operating results.
In the long term, high-quality engineering, reliable biogas service and continuous updates are decisive for the profitability of your biogas plant. As far as updates are concerned, we at agriKomp consider them to be not only technical and biological innovations and improvements, but also a permanent further development and consolidation of our employees’ know-how.

Thoroughly trained specialists
– highly motivated!

Many of our staff are from the agricultural community, or are closely tied to it. They are fully supportive of renewable energy and the chances that these forms of energy bring for rural regions.
Our teams participate seminars and training programs on a regular basis. Here, we place special emphasis on the fact that our specialists understand all the processes of the operation of a biogas plant, not only within their area of expertise.
Furthermore, our model consistency ensures that every component has its place.