Reference Biogas plants:

purposefully planned individually build - optimally solved!

Referenz Indi-Anlage Biwok
Germany, Wollbrandshausen-Krebeck
Operator: Bioenergie Biwok e.G.
Model: Indi- Biogas plant
Commissioned: 2010
Installed capacity: 1.760 kWel
Material used: Maize silage, cattle slurry, WPS
Components: 2x Vielfraß® Top 40 m³
5x Paddelgigant®, 2x Cooker
5x Biolene®, 1x Quetschprofi®
Specialities: District heat network supply (approx. 259 households) via 2 satellite locations with heat buffer storage


Referenz Güllewerk Bleser
Germany, Brachtendorf
Operator: Bioenergie Stefan and Maria Bleser GbR
Model: Güllewerk
Commissioned: 2012
Installed capacity: 75 kW
Material used: Rinder- & Pferdemist, Rindergülle
Components: 1x Vielfraß® Top7 m³
1x Paddelgigant®, 1x Biolene®
Specialities: The biogas plant was scientifically examined as part of a doctoral this is from the University of Bonn.
Referenz Indi-Anlage Alberti
France, GAEC du Balcon de GAP
Operator: Laurent Alberti
Model: Indi- Biogas plant
Commissioned: 2013
Installed capacity: 150 kWel
Material used: Dairy waste water, whole crop silage, cattle slurry & manure
Components: 1x Vielfraß® FA 35 m³
1x Paddelgigant®
2x Biolene®
Specialities: Communal plant for 4 farmers, heat use for 5 buildings, hay drying in a barn 
Referenz Indi-Anlage Knapovec
Czech Republic,Knapovec
Operator: AVENA, spol. s r.o.
Model: Indi- Biogas plant
Commissioned: 2011
Installed capacity: 1.500 kWel
Material used: Gras- & Maissilage, Schweinegülle
Components: 2x Vielfraß® 50 m³
10x Paddelgigant®
4x Biolene®


Referenz Indi-Anlage GTG Biogas
Northern Ireland, Toomebridge
Operator: GTG Biogas, Donnelly Bros.
Model: Indi- Biogas plant
Commissioned: 2013
Installed capacity: 500 kWel
Material used: Grass silage, cattle slurry
Components: 1x Vielfraß® 40 m³
4x Paddelgigant®
2x Biolene®
1x Quetschprofi®
Specialities: 1st agriKomp plant in N. Ireland. It stands on an old military airbase. 
referenz chirico thumb
Italien, Ascea
Operator: Chirico Benedetto
Model: Indi- Biogas Plant
Commissioned: 2012
Installed capacity: 250 kWel
Material used: Maize silage, cattle slurry
Components: 1x Vielfraß® FA 40 m³
2x Paddelgigant®
2x Biolene®