FormProtect - Vessel Construction System


– Modular container system!

Based on innovative plant concepts, agriKomp develops complete solutions tailored to the different needs of customers. These solutions are implemented using modular components including a modular digester system unique in Germany.

High-quality proved and tested PVC modules are the basis of plant construction. The acid-resistant plastic profiles are built as modules, clearly distinguishing it from the conventional method: The different profiles of the Formprotect system are simply plugged into each other in a modular way, resulting in a firm and stable structure that provides customers countless benefits when building biogas plants:

  • In contrast to pouring concrete, the formwork is preserved as the cladding which reduces construction time.
  • There is no need to apply an extra coat or to waterproof the panels, since concrete and weather protection are already integrated.
  • The formwork is made up of chemical-resistant plastic boards which are fully gas- and water-tight and acid-resistant.
  • The outer wall does not need to be insulated, panelled with wood or painted.
  • The insulation is easy to install, as it is simply pushed between the concrete and the external formwork.
  • The existing plastic grate facilitates installation of the construction steel.
  • All Formprotect tanks are equipped with a leakage detection function by default.
  • The formwork system can be mounted regardless of the weather.
  • The low panel weight reduces transport costs.
  • The closed design reliably keeps rodents out of the insulation.
  • The modules and the overall concept have a modern design.


System and construction method

Proven and tested components form the basis of our plant construction that comprises multiple steps.

Step 1: Base plate
As with every tank, concretework begins at the foundation. Steel fibre concrete ispoured over the vessel floor. The joints between floor and wall are sealed with joint tape and sealant.

Step 2: Scaffolding
After the base plate has been poured, a scaffold is erected in the vessel.

Step 3: Construction of the walls
The panels are attached to stencils similar to a modular design principle. A sophisticated combination of the panels allows nearly all tank sizes to be implemented.

Step 4: Insulation
Once the inner ring is closed, the bar steel reinforcement is added and the outer shell is closed step by step. Subsequently, the insulation is inserted and the wall ducts are installed. Then the vessel is ready to pour the concrete.

Step 5: Pouring the concrete into the walls
Pouring the concrete for the walls is the final step in the basic construction of the biogas plant.


We offer full and partial assembly. Ask us!


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