Biogas Engine CHP BGA 086 (55 - 75 kWel)

- Indestructible thanks to 8 litre displacement

The robust and reliable biogas unit series 086 (BGA086) for the small output range has been a proven and frequently used agrikomp development since 2014. In the power classes from 55 kWel up to and including 100 kWel the block-type thermal power station is an ideal unit for so-called farm biogas plants. Small farms benefit from a long cogeneration unit service life, stable running performance and a high availability of spare parts.


The robust 6-cylinder Otto in-line engine with its 8 litres displacement is a real endurance runner with good performance values. The CHP unit impresses with the fact that all components are matched to each other and optimised performance meets low maintenance requirements. The motor can be serviced and monitored directly from the agriKomp central unit using sophisticated remote maintenance technology. This guarantees continuous measurement of the exhaust gas temperature and thus increases the safety of the CHP unit. Further safety standards are set for the smoke/gas alarm as well as an emergency stop and siren/flash alarm.



electric thermic electric
BGA086/75 75 kW 90 kW 36,5%
BGA086/80 80 kW 94 kW 36,56%


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