BGA136 agriKomp

Biogas-Aggregat BGA136

Our new ones - robust and stable!

With the biogas aggregate series 136, which has been developed since 2016, agriKomp has introduced an extremely important and sought-after performance range in the mid-range segment. The units are available in power ranges from 150 kWel to 195 kWel and from 200 kWel to 250 kWel. They are particularly suitable for medium-sized agricultural operations and are ideal for flex operation in double or even multiple versions.


The BGA136 series features a robust design, an advanced 6-cylinder Scania in-line engine and excellent starting performance. The sophisticated in-line engine offers low maintenance and high availability. Particularly noteworthy is the electrical efficiency, which is 40.4% in the highest power class. An optimised hydraulic system ensures a high and stable flow temperature (specially designed for flex operation). This system also prevents condensation of the exhaust gas in the exhaust gas heat exchanger and achieves cooling water preheating. An additional bonus is the standard mains starter which guarantees safe starting behaviour./p>


electric thermic electric
BGA136/150 150 kW 180 kW 37,2%
BGA136/195 195 kW 228 kW 39,3%
BGA136/250 250 kW 275 kW 40,4%

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