Güllewerk Hellmitzheim, Germany

Güllewerk Hellmitzheim, Germany

Operator: Günter Brehm | Comissioned: 2013
Installed capacity: 150 kWel installed capacity; 75 kWel rated power

The aim of flexible operation is to produce electricity when demand is greatest or to reduce output when no electricity (negative control energy) is needed. This resulted in new requirements for the plant technology, such as plant control, heat utilization, gas/energy storage. Mr. Brehm’s plant is a unique plant concept that combines different current requirements:
• Electricity is largely produced on demand
• Feeding takes place with a high proportion of manure
• Very high overall efficiency is achieved
In addition, the plant has an insertion technology with trough. This allows the customer to store the manure completely in the trough directly after mucking out.

Cattle slurry5 m³ / day
Corn silage0,5 t / day
cattle manure7 t / day
Sugar beet tops1 t / day
Generated energy / utilizationQuantity
Power850.000 kWh/a
Heat utilizationUse for the residential house and as process heat for the plant
Aggregat / CHPQuantity and power
Aggregat1 piece à 150 kW
Nachgärer1 Piece
Vielfraß1 Piece
Paddelgigant®1 Piece
Heat buffer tank32 m³
Biolene1 Piece

Data from the year 2016