Operator: Chirico Benedetto
Comissioned: 2012 | Installed capacity: 250 kWel

System agriKomp:
We don’t have to invent plant concepts, we have them. Plant outputs from 100 kW to 2.5 MW and more are thus possible. The exclusive use of our proven components ensures model fidelity. This gives you a lot of security and the necessary flexibility. During the construction of the plant, you can also provide a high degree of personal contribution.

Generated energy / utilizationQuantity
Power1,98 Mio. kWh/a
Heat2 Mio. kWh/a
Vielfraß® Top1 piece à 40 m³
Paddelgigant®2 pieces
Biolene2 pieces
Aggregat / CHPQuantity and power
Aggregat1 piece à 250 kW
Tanks2 pieces
Main Tank2 pieces à 16 x 6 m
Nachgärer2 pieces à 16 x 6 m

Data from the year 2016