Güllewerk Brachtendorf, Germany

Güllewerk in Brachtendorf, Deutschland

Operator: Bioenergie Stefan & Maria Bleser GbRCommissioned: 2012 | Installed capacity: 75 kWel installierte Leistung Portrait:Use of residual materials from agriculture, for the production of electricity and heat. Use of cattle and horse manure ensures an economically running plant. The biogas plant is being scientifically studied by the University of Bonn in the form of […]

Güllewerk Hellmitzheim, Germany

Individualanlage in Hellmitzheim, Iphofen, Deutschland mit Sonnenblumen

Operator: Günter Brehm | Comissioned: 2013 Installed capacity: 150 kWel installed capacity; 75 kWel rated power Portrait:The aim of flexible operation is to produce electricity when demand is greatest or to reduce output when no electricity (negative control energy) is needed. This resulted in new requirements for the plant technology, such as plant control, heat […]

Güllewerk Bönningstedt, Germany

Güllewerk in Bönningstedt, Deutschland

Operator: Thomas Witt Comissioned: 2013 | installed capacity: 75 kWel Operator opinion on the plant: Thomas Witt: « I’m impressed by the amount of energy generated from slurry, manure and the residual materials from my farm. It’s a well-rounded overall concept. » Input Quantity Cattle slurry 10 m³ / day Cattle manure 4 t / day gras […]