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A suitable storage tank must be gas-tight, pressure-resistant, UV-resistant, temperature-resistant and weather-resistant to ensure safety in operation. WE OFFER YOU A WIDE RANGE OF FOIL STORAGE UNITS:

originals - built to las- since 2002

The “Black Beauty” already protects countless fermenters since 2002. Often copied, but never reached you will find the “original” only with us.



Biolene Gas Storage


Our single-shell Biolene® biogas storage membrane, proven thousands of times in practice, is an economical solution for your biogas plant. Biolene® is a gas storage tank and tank cover in one and thus offers a highly efficient solution for small agricultural and industrial biogas plants.

Due to weather influences, high demands are placed on the outer skin of the digester roof. Our Biolene® meets these high demands: it is made of high-quality EPDM rubber. The material impresses with its UV, ozone and temperature stability, is highly elastic and durable.


Depending on the biogas production, the operating mode of the CHP unit or due to maintenance, the stored gas volume changes constantly. The flexible outer skin rises and falls depending on the filling quantity and the filling level is always immediately visible. In addition, it is possible to precisely determine and evaluate the fill level with the help of an electronic fill level measurement.

A wooden beam ceiling serves as a substructure. The laid planks and the ceiling are a very large colonisation area where sulphur bacteria can settle. The biogas produced is thus cheaply and reliably pre-desulphurised.

from "Black Beauty" to double membrane

double membrane gas storage roof

the resistant gas storage

double membran gas storage


Our high-quality and durable double membrane roofs
are the ideal solution for flexible storage of biogas. The
outer cover is a weather protection cover that protects
the inner gas membrane from external influences. Our
weather protection membranes made of PVC-coated
polyester fabric are specially designed to withstand high
temperatures and thus guarantee the longest possible
service life. The gas storage membrane underneath also
has a high temperature stability and is also extremely
You can configure your own double membrane roof to
your needs: volume, diameter, dome or conical roof,
moss green or light grey.


Supporting air blowers,  redundant if required, keep the outer membrane tight and stable. This makes the weather protection membrane resistant to both high winds and large temperature fluctuations. The number and size of the supporting air blowers are individually designed based on various parameters and operating conditions (such as gas extraction, gas production).

We have given great attention to the design of our supply and exhaust air system to avoid pressure peaks. This ensures a longer service life due to lower load.

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