agriSelect Prichsenstadt, Germany

agriSelect Biogas Plant in Prichsenstadt, Germany

Operator: Schloßberg Energie | Comissioned: 2015 | Installed capacity: 75 kWel Portrait: The small farm biogas plant is operated with 91 % slurry/manure and 9 % NawaRo and feed residues. The sophisticated biogas plant concept takes into account the limited time volume of farms with a focus on animal husbandry. Select stands for a carefully […]

agriSelect Zeulenroda, Germany

agriSelect Biogas Plant in Zeulenroda, Germany

Two agriSelect plants were built for the operator Agrarprodukte Bernsgrün-Hohndorf eG. One of these plants is located in Arnsgrün and the second in Hohndorf. The small-scale plant in Arnsgrün is operated with 100% slurry and manure from the adjacent peacock farm.

individual plant Timmaspe, Germany

Drone view Individual Biogas Plant in Timmaspe, Deutschland

Operator: Dirk Delfs | Comissioned: 2011 | Installed capacity: 150 kWel Portrait: Dairy farm with 270 dairy cows plus offspring, single-stage system without corn silage. Special feature: A single paddle giant stirs up an 18 m tank. Operator opinion on the plant:“When buying a tractor, I wouldn’t know the brand I would choose today. For […]

individual plant Dětenice, Czech republic

Individual Biogas Plant in Detenice, Tschechien

Operator: RTOUR ENERGY a.s | Comissioned: 2012 Extensions: 2021 | Installed capacity: 1.250 kWel Portrait: The Dětenice biogas plant uses the complete thermal energy potential from biogas production for heating not only its own objects – such as the castle complex, hotel and brewery – but also supplies electricity for the local district heating network […]

individual plant Wollbrandshausen-Krebeck, Germany

Individual Biogas Plant in Wollbrandshausen, Deutschland

Operator: Bioenergie Biwok e.G. | Commissioned: 2010Installed capacity: 1.760 kWel Special Feature: Two places work for a common bioenergy project and join together to form the Bioenergie Wollbrandshausen-Krebeck short Biwok. This project is unique in Germany and enables a regional and decentralized production and use of bioenergy. Portrait:Local heating network supply via two satellite CHP […]

individual plant Niederbettingen, Germany

Individual Biogas Plant in Niederbettingen, Deutschland

Operator: Blum-Biogas GmbH & Co. KG | Comissioned: 2010Extensions: 2012 | Installed capacity: 500 kWel Portrait:The local heating network belonging to the plant was planned and executed by agriKomp. It is one of the largest and technically most sophisticated heating networks ever built by agriKomp. During construction, a fiber optic network was also made available […]

individual plant Urbach, Germany

Individual Biogas Plant in Urbach, Deutschland

Operator: Bioenergie Rube GbR, Hans und Steffen Rube Comissioned: 2013 | Installed capacity: 290 kWel Since April 2014, part of the waste heat from the biogas plant has been used in conjunction with a Lauber energy utilization center TYPE Lenz 150 to dry firewood, wood chips or other air-permeable bulk materials in drying containers. Portrait:Farm […]